Digital Painting

Digital painting is an emerging art form in which traditional painting techniques such as watercolor, oils, impasto, etc. are applied using digital tools by means of a computer, a graphics tablet and stylus, and software

The only difference is that digital art is a new medium with new characteristics. This new medium can embrace tradition and traditional art. One might think a difference would be that digital art is a new medium and it hasn’t ever been used before. If you look at a lot of art, even going back to the Renaissance and even before that, you can see all the time new mediums coming into existence and changing how art gets made.

Digital art can break with tradition. But I think it is much more interesting to embrace tradition. At the same time, using traditional methods in a new way is a way to break with tradition in an interesting way.

Anyway, there is no inherent difference between digital art and traditional art. They can embrace each other, and, in fact, they do. A lot of the photo-realistic effects in digital art are very similar to what artists have been striving to do for centuries.

Sometimes we do not notice it, because the best digital artists can not point out in the least the difference between their works created on the computer and those made with the classic techniques: the brush and the canvas.

Yet digital painting is now present in many fields of our daily life and is used in the most varied fields of application: from illustrations for advertising to book covers, from commercials to comics, from video games to movies.

Precisely the entertainment sector is one in which digital art has become more widespread in recent years, so much so as to provoke a real boom in the demand for this type of professional figures.

But digital painting is now even more simply a true form of art in its own right, which often incorporates the teachings launched by conceptual art.

Starting from the pioneers of digital techniques in painting, such as the avant-garde group of fantalogica, we have now reached a vast use of the possibilities guaranteed by information technology.

Published by charmy agarwal

Hey! I m an graphic Designer with many Innovative design ideas where I have shared few ideas for designing.

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